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James Churchward's Works

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Fishing Among the 1,000 Islands of the St. Lawrence (1894)

(New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company; 56 pages; 4 track series.
Printed by American Bank Note Co (1894))

pdf version here.

Blog Entry (01-2012)

A Big Game and Fishing Guide to Northeastern Maine (1898)
picture of cover

pdf & plain text version here

Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man (1926)
picture of cover

Copies of Stone Tablets Found by William Niven at Santiago Ahuizoctla Near Mexico City (1927)
picture of cover

Books of the Golden Age(1927)
picture of cover

Lost Continent of Mu (1931)
picture of cover

Children of Mu(1931)
picture of cover

Lecture before the American Society of Psychical Research(1931)
New York April 20, 1931
picture of cover
html version here

Sacred Symbols of Mu(1933)
picture of cover
html version here
pdf version (in German)

Cosmic Forces of Mu(1934)
picture of cover

2nd Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu(1935)
picture of cover

Teachings of the Rishi

Egypt (undated)

html version here

Miscellaneous Articles by James Churchward
March 1895
The Sun is Not a Superheated Body, He Declares From the Mount Vernon Daily Argus,
date unknown..
Synopsis of the Earliest History of Central America and Yucatan From the Mount Vernon Daily Argus,
date unknown..
Who Lived in America 50,000 Years Ago? From The World Magazine,
March 4, 1928

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