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James Churchward Patents

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These are the patents gathered from the WWW that are assigned to James Churchward (1851-1936)

Number Patent Name Inventor Date Filed Date issued Location
US0421386 Spike Churchward, James 12/31/1889 2/18/1890 Brooklyn, New York
US0425407 Railway Spike Churchward, James 12/16/1889 4/15/1890 Brooklyn, New York
US0434918 Wear plate for railway ties Churchward, James 4/16/1890 8/26/1890 Brooklyn, New York
US0468928 Apparatus for Manufacturing Railway-Tie Plates Churchward, James 6/30/1891 2/16/1892 Brooklyn, New York
US0492527 Railway Spike Churchward, James 2/11/1892 2/28/1893 Brooklyn, New York
US0492528 Wear plate Churchward, James 2/16/1892 2/28/1893 Brooklyn, New York
US0496337 Rolls for wearing plates Churchward, James 9/1/1892 4/25/1893 Brooklyn, New York
US0508086 Wear plate Churchward, James 2/20/1893 11/7/1893 Brooklyn, New York
US0832770 Art of Hardening and Toughening Steel Churchward, James 7/13/1906 10/9/1906 Manhattan, New York
US0832771 Quenching Bath for Treating Steel and Iron Churchward, James 12/06/1905 10/9/1906 Manhattan, New York
US0832772 Art of Hardening and Toughening Metals Churchward, James 12/07/1905 10/9/1906 Manhattan, New York
US0832773 Self-Hardening Alloy of Iron and Steel Churchward, James 12/07/1905 10/9/1906 Manhattan, New York
US0845755 Tempering Bath for Steel Churchward, James 9/18/1906 3/5/1907 Manhattan, New York
US0845756 Self hardening alloy of iron and steel Churchward, James 11/1/1906 3/5/1907 Manhattan, New York
US0845757 Self hardening alloy of steel Churchward, James 12/14/1906 3/5/1907 Manhattan, New York
US0846979 Steel alloy and its manufacture Churchward, James 12/14/1906 3/12/1907 Manhattan, New York
US0855756 Art of Heat treatments of Steel Alloys Churchward, James 2/6/1907 6/4/1907 New York, New York
US0867642 Alloy Steel Churchward, James 3/5/1907 10/8/1907 New York, New York
US0868327 Alloy Steel Churchward, James 4/12/1907 10/15/1907 New York, New York
US0883698 Art of hardening and toughening steel Churchward, James 4/9/1907 4/7/1908 New York, New York
US0884009 Art of producing alloyed steel Churchward, James 9/18/1907 4/7/1908 New York, New York
US0899713 Heat treatment and quenching of alloyed steels Churchward, James 9/18/1907 9/29/1908 New York, New York
US1069318 Pyrometer Churchward, James 3/22/1911 8/5/1913 Mount Vernon, New York
US1069387 Steel process Churchward, James 3/18/1911 8/5/1913 Mount Vernon, New York
US1069601 Furnace Churchward, James 4/26/1911 8/5/1913 New York, New York
US1122861 Alloyed Steel Churchward, James 3/18/1911 12/29/1914 New York, New York
US1181570 Alloyed steel Churchward, James 3/18/1911 5/2/1916 Mount Vernon, New York
US1251341 Alloy Churchward, James 8/8/1917 12/25/1917 Lakeville, Conn.
US1261742 Alloy Churchward, James 12/19/1917 4/2/1918 Lakeville, Conn.
US1261743 Alloy Churchward, James 12/19/1917 4/2/1918 Lakeville, Conn.
US1407517 Step construction for automobiles Churchward, James 8/20/1917 2/21/1922 Lakeville, Conn.

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