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James Churchward: 1931 Lecture

Part 2


One day I told the rishi of having read accounts of savages being able to overcome the Force of Gravity, and asked him if this could be done by man? His answer was:
"Yes, man has the power to overcome with his body what you call the Force of Gravity: which however is the attraction of the Cold Division of the earth's Central Magnet, which has power and control over elementary matter only. This attraction is a Magnetic Force, and man has the power to control all earthly forces, when he learns how to use and control his own greater force. Man can cause his own vibrations to rise above the vibrations of the earth's Cold Magnetic Force, and thus, either nullify or repel them. When nullified man's body has no weight; for, weight is only the registration of the measurement of the power or volume of the Cold Magnetic Force: thus, when the Cold Magnetic Force is nullified man can float his body anywhere. Throughout space nothing has weight, the most ponderous of the great celestial bodies, millions of times larger than our Sun, does not represent the weight of a thistledown in space."
Jesus the great Master gave an exposition of this when he walked upon the water. He used a science which was developed over a hundred thousand years ago;

One gloriously bright tropical moming, very early, I wandered down to the Temple to gain some pearl of wisdom from the rishi. We had been sitting in silence on our favorite bench in the Temple gardens for some time when suddenly he turned his face to me and said: "My son, it is strange how little your people understand their own Bible. Take for instance the legend which relates how Moses' serpent swallowed up the serpents of the Priests before Pharaoh. This is regarded as miracle, whereas both Moses and the Priests were only practicing one, of the ancient sciences. You will better understand it if I call it mass hypnotism.

"Moses had the power of raising his inner vibrations higher than those of the Priests so could bring their brains under the control of his own. The Priests had their vibrations raised to a point where they had the audience under control, and`then they cast their staffs on the ground concentrating on the vision of their transformation into serpents. Consequently, the people saw them as serpents. But Moses raised his vibrations to a higher pitch, gaining control both of priests and people, and was thus able to cast his own staff to the ground and make them all see it turn into a serpent and swallow up the other serpents. But you, my son, never see clearly without a practical demonstration, so I must give you one. Give me your hand, so that your vibrations are attuned to mine. This will prevent your coming under the influence I am about to send forth,"
About 50 feet away two coolies were sweeping up the Temple compound and just beyond were some dead branches which had fallen from a tree during the night. The rishi smilingly said: "Watch them drop those branches as soon as they touch them." When the coolies came to those branches and started to pick them up, they dropped them, shouting, "Snakesl Snakesl Poison snakesl" They then ran off and brought back two long bamboos and began thrashing the branches for dear life; after a moment the rishi lowered his vibrations. The coolies stopped their exertions and looked dumfounded. The rishi called them over and asked them:
"What have you been drinking?"
"Arak," they said. "But we only took two drinks, master!"
The rishi shook his head reprovingly; with profound salaams they returned to their work, declaring loudly that "never again would they ever take more than one drink of Arak at a time." Thus, as an object for me, was enacted the scene of Moses, the Egyptian Priests, and the serpents. The rishi then told me that in ancient times, when India was divided into small kingdoms constantly at war with one another, mass hypnotism was used by the Priesthood to protect their temples and colleges. When a city had been taken by the enemy and was being burned and sacked by the soldiers, the Priests would assemble on the Temple steps, and as the plunderers approached, would cast a spell over them, sending demons to flighten them off. These, legend says, often took the form of huge serpents. One serpent in particular was very effective, of immense length and thickness, hissing and spitting fire it would wiggle towards the soldiers. At the sight of him the bravest of the soldiers dropped their plunder and fled. The rishi smilingly said, "I should not wonder if it was something of this sort that sent the soldiers of Alexander the Great back from India to their own country."

Another graphic illustration of the serpent "miracle" was staged for me on a certain morning when a tall, lanky European walked into the Temple Compound, and asked to see the High Priest, announcing himself as Professor X of -- University, England. He said he was writing a book on the history of India, and wanted to get all possible information. He had been told that the High Priest of this temple knew more about ancient India than any other man. He handed to the rishi a letter of introduction, which the rishi smilingly took but did not open. The rishi told him he would gladly tell him anything that was contained in the Temple Records. The rishi then ordered a table and chair to be brought for the professor's convenience and comfort.
The scene that followed is etched on my memory, The professor laid his hat, cane and umbrella on the table; a coolie deposited beside them a large pad of paper and many sharpened pencils. The professor then sat down and said: "Now go ahead, old man, I'm ready to hear all you know."
The rishi quietly answered, "I think it would be better for you to put such questions as you wish answered."
Professor: "Well then, tell me about so-and-so."
Rishi: "Our temple records say so-and-so."
Professor: "That's all wrong. In Professor Y's History of India it says so-and-so.
Rishi: "Professor Y may be right, and our Temple records wrong. I only know what the Temple Records say."
Professor: "Well then, I next want to know so-and-so.
The rishi answered as before, quoting the Temple records, and again the professor told him he was wrong, quoting another "authority" on the subject in question. This went on through about a dozen questions, all ending with the same result; at last, the professor banged his papers together and said, "Here I have come these many miles to gain information, it has been a sheer waste of my time; why, old man, you know absolutely nothing, I could find out ten times as much as you know in an hour at any library." At this I saw the rishi's brows slightly contract, he reached out and took my hand. From this I knew something was going to happen. The professor slammed on his hat, opened his umbrella, and took up his cane-which, with an awful yell, he threw across the compound, shouting, "Great heavens, it's a snake.
One of the coolies picked up the cane and brought it back to the professor, who backed away from it in horror. The rishi said kindly, "Why, Professor, you must have a touch of the sun." He then placed his hand on the professor's forehead, who groaned and writhed and sank into the chair. The rishi then sent for a coconut of water which he gave to the professor to drink, saying, "This will no doubt straighten you out."
When the professor had swallowed the water he became normal; he held his hand out to the rishi, saying: "Although you know nothing about history, old man, you certainly are an adept at curing sunstroke."
He then went away. The rishi watched him leaving the temple grounds, then with a sigh said, "Soon, my son, we shall have another wonderful history of India. Come, let us walk in the gardens, this is all too childish."
I kept close watch for the new and wonderful history of India. It appeared about a year later amid a wonderful flourish of scientific tIumpets. I do not think there is a page in the book that is accurate; most of it consists of the most palpable absurdities. In it, the professor, however, gave the rishi credit for being a wonderful physician, and suggested that the medical faculty had much to learn from the High Priests of India!

The rishi was thoroughly familiar with our Bible: much of the earlier part he knew by heart, particularly those chapters dealing with the Cosmic Sciences. One evening he said: "I have been thinking, my son, about the great Biblical Miracle which relates that Shadrech, Meshech and Abed Nego walked through the fiery furnace and were not touched by the fire. As I have often told you, Man has the power to raise his vibrations--the forces of his soul--above the vibrations of the earthly forces. Heat, which produces fire, is an earthly force, therefore man is able to raise his own vibrations above those of heat so that the heat force is repelled or nullified, forming a neutral zone through which the heat cannot pass. The man's clothing partakes of his vibrations, so that even his garments cannot be touched. Those who have attained the knowledge which enables them to control these inner vibrations are termed Masters.

"Shadrech, Meshech and Abed Nego were Masters. It was by the use of this method of raising vibrations that they were able to walk through the fire without injury."
I asked how these Israelites had gained the necessary knowledge to become Masters. He answered: "The Israelites were captives in Babylonia, where there were many colleges for the teaching of the language of the Motherland, the First Inspired Religion and the Cosmic Sciences. These colleges were called Chaldi. It is from this name that the Semitic conquerors of Babylonia took their name Chaldeans and rechristened the country Chaldea.
"The Chaldi were open and free to all who wished to come to them for learning. There was no expense to the student, and the slave was as welcome as the prince. Directly the threshold of the Chaldi was passed, everyone was on an equality. They were symbolically at the feet of the Heavenly Father, and became in fact brothers in truth. These Israelites, although in bondage, attended the Chaldi and became Masters."
After finishing his discourse, the old rishi looked at me and smiled, and said, "Now, I suppose, I must as usual make all plain to you by giving you a physical example." And with that he called to an attendant to bring him a large live coal. When the coal was brought in a chattie, he took my hand, deliberately picked up the red-hot coal with his fingers and placed it in the palm of my hand. He then asked me if I felt any heat from the coal. I did not. He then told me to light a cigar from it. I tried but the cigar would not light. He smiled and turned my hand over. The coal fell to the ground. He then withdrew his hand from mine and told me to pick the coal up. I innocently attempted to do so-and although I dropped it hastily, my fingers carried burns and blisters for many days. He then picked the coal up himself, put it back into the chattie, and said to me, "Now light your cigar from it." I did so with no difficulty. The demonstration was complete.

The rishi had so often mentioned the necessity of concentration that one day I asked him what was the best way to practice concentration, so as to become efficient. His answer was: "Relieve your brain of all material work, then concentrate on the spiritual."
I then asked him which was the best way to do this. He answered, "Recline your body in such a position that all muscles relax. This relieves your brain from any call from or care of your muscular system. Do not eat to overload your stomach, or too little to cause gnawing hunger. Both are bad and make calls on the brain for relief, which breaks the line of spiritual concentration. When in concentration it is well to shade the eyes so that no outside object can disturb your thoughts, by advancing material objects through the sense of vision." He then strongly emphasized that "concentration alone without absolute faith attending it, will not advance one very far." "Concentration and faith are twin sisters, two flowers on a single stem." He was always very emphatic when speaking of faith, and always impressed me that the faith was not "to make oneself believe that he had the faith, but it must be conviction added to the faith-spiritual conviction." At this point he would refer to the teachings of Jesus, quoting the moving of a mountain through faith. "This teaching of Jesus was symbolical. He was not referring to a mountain composed of earth and rocks, that is material, he was refening spiritually to spiritual obstructions that loomed up like mountains. These obstructive spiritual mountains are swept aside through faith."
He then referred to the healings by Jesus, saying: "Many cases where Jesus is accredited with healing, were healed by the faith of the patient. Jesus was the agent that sprung that faith into life only."
Many people are today healed by faith but do not know it. They attribute it to some sacred object, whereas the object is only the agent that brings the faith into life.
The material body in itself is incapable of creating this faith. Absolute faith emanates only from the inner or spiritual self.

Part 3

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