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James Churchward: 1931 Lecture

Part 1


There is a widespread legend which has been handed down for many thousands of years which is called The Golden Age. This is said to have been some period in human history when the mass of mankind showed more intelligence than now. This evening I am going to give you some of the translations from Books written during this Golden Age. These show that those who lived then were absolutely superior to us in sciences; and, althougth our scientists scoff at such an idea, and declare the whole thing mythical, the truth and facts remain.
As the Phoenix is pictured rising above the flames of fire; so these cosmic truths will rise above the scoffing ignorants of today.
I do not know on what definite lines your Society is working, or how far you have advanced. It is quite questionable whether I know enough about the subject to be of any value to you. All I can do for you is to repeat certain conversations that took place many years ago between a very learned rishi priest and myself. This priest was a great Master, the most proficient master that has lived since the time of Jesus.
Master: Many do not know the actual meaning of Master. In olden times this title was bestowed on those who had mastered the Cosmic Sciences and learnt how to control the Cosmic Forces, and had brought his material body under the absolute control of his inner self.
This old Master and his two cousins, both older than himself, and he was over 70 years of age 50 years ago, were the sole survivors of the Naacal Brotherhood which had existed for 70,000 years. This Brotherhood had been formed in the Motherland, when experts of religion and the Cosmic Sciences were being sent from Mu to her various colonies.
These three were the only ones left in India who understood the language of the Motherland, her symbols, alphabet and forms of writing.
For seven years during all my available time, I diligently studied under this old rishi, learning the language of Mu, her symbols, alphabet and writings, with a view of finding out something about ancient man. At that time I had no idea of publishing my findings. I made the study purely to satisfy my curious self. I was the only one to whom this old rishi ever gave instructions on this subject.
During our many lessons he often touched on the psychic. These conversations and translations from the Books of the Golden Age, which are the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu, are what I propose to bring to your notice this evening. Whether they are in line with your studies I do not know; but, if not, they are of a character that will, at least, give you new lines of thought.
On one occasion he told me that there were some written records about Jesus in certain Himalayan monasteries; and gave me such letters of introduction to the heads of these monasteries, that on application I experienced no difficulty in obtaining a sight of these precious documents. In one manastery I found without question the original documents. These documents are written in Pali on Olas and bound into Patikas. Pali is a dead language corresponding with our Latin. Olas is the ----- leaf of the Palmyra Palm prepared for writing. Patika is a series of these leaves, with holes, sometimes two, sometimes three, punched through them. They are then strung upon strings with the ends of the strings fastened to a pair of boards, which form the cover or binding.
In other monasteries I also found records; all of them, however, were evidently copies of those I have mentioned. In the great Hemis monastery at Ley-Cashmir there are copies written in a jumble of Pali and Tibetan. I mention this institution, because anyone using the right sort of persuasion can see all and everything there is in this monastery. I did not see an original document in the place: there may be some there, they declared, however I had been shown everything they had.
On certain subjects, I have found that these old Himalayan monks have very little respect for the truth.
In the Biblical records of Jesus there is a gap of many years. In monasteries and Lamasaries in the Himalayas and Tibet there are records (without question copies) telling how Jesus spent these mysterious years. There are also many oriental legends about him.
One written record states that:

"When Jesus was a young man, he left his home country and first went to Egypt. There for two years he studied the ancient Egyptian Osirian religion. From Egypt he went to India and at Benares and other religious centers studied the teachings~of Gautama. He then entered a Himalayan monastery where for 12 years he studied the Sacred Inspired writings of Mu and her Cosmic Forces and Sciences. At the end of 12 years he became a master: the most proficient Master that has ever been on earth."
His name in this monastery is more revered today than by any sect of Christian Priesthood, and simply because these Himalayan monks know him better.
In addition to the foregoing record they had another, also written in Pali on Olas and bound into a Patika. It is a very significant legend. The head of the monastery informed me that for many years it was an oral legend only: then to prevent its being forgotten or altered, those masters who were witnesses and still survived wrote down all data to accurately preserve it. The legend runs thus:
"When Jesus was about to leave the monastery to return to his own land, a controversy arose between him and the Masters on the subject of reincarnation. Jesus maintained that The Sacred Inspired Writings of the Motherland stated that it was not the material body of Man that was reincarnated out of the original atoms that formed his body, but the Soul or Spirit only that was reincamated. The Masters maintained that it was both the Soul and the original atoms forming the previous body that were reincarnated-born over again, and not a fresh combination of elementary atoms."
Through the great courtesy of the head of the monastery, and, as a special favor and great honor, I was allowed to see and read the tablets over which the controversy had taken place. I deciphered and translated three, all that was necessary.
The first (A) over which the controversy took place reads, "The Material body returns to mother earth from whence it came. The elements are then used by Nature for other bodies."
The Masters insisted that "other bodies" meant the subsequent bodies of the man. So the question hinged on the meaning of "other bodies." Did it mean the subsequent bodies of the reincarnated man or other bodies of Nature's making?
To solve the problem I took the following tablets (B & C), deciphered and translated them; they read as follows:
"It is-The Man-The Spirit-which comes into being again. Imperishable man is a-Divine Spark-around which a house, or an encasing body is built composed of elements, brought together and joined by the Ziis of the Life Force. After the usual period, or cycle, this compound of elements wears out and returns to mother earth, setting the Divine Spark free."
"At the appointed time (the will of the Creator) a new set of elementary cells are brought together, forming a new house, and enclosing the Divine Spark. This house like the previous one, in due time, also returns to mother earth. And so it continues on-the Divine Spark occupying one house after another until its appointed time has come. Then it has to return whence it came-to the Divine Source."
These translations are from the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu-The Books of the Golden Age-and in the Section on Reincarnation which were brought from Mu by the Naacals.
They are very difficult to translate, as it is impossible to give in modern language every minute meaning and detail. I do not profess to have done so. I have done all that can be done; that is to give a correct general meaning. This I feel confident I have done but the little fine details are beyond my comprehension. Anyone who says he can do more with these very ancient writings has very little respect for the truth.

In studying the ancient writings I have found that the teachings of Osiris and Jesus are wonderfully alike. Many passages being identically the same, word for word and line for line. This is not to be wondered at; they were both preaching and teaching the first and Inspired Religion of Man, which they both learned from the same school: The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.
Both Jesus and Osiris were, unquestionably, inspired instruments of the Great Nameless, sent on earth to show the children of this world the paths which lead to happiness.
Many do not know who Osiris was beyond that he was one of the old Egyptian gods. Even Egyptologists are at loggerheads about who he was. Some of them say he was a myth, others a symbol only, and yet others that he was a King who lived somewhere. In a monastery in Tibet I found some tablets referring to Atlantis and among them a history of Osiris: it reads:

''Osiris was born in Atlantis 22,000 years ago (according to reckoning of time). When a young man he went to the Motherland to study for the Priesthood. When he became a Master he returned to Atlantis. There he devoted himself to eliminating the extravagances, superstitions, misconceptions and inventions that had crept into the Atlantean Religion. He then installed again the original religion of love and simplicity. He was then made the High Priest of Atlantis, a position which he held during a long life. When he passed on the Religion was called after him The Osirian Religion." This religion was carried to Egypt by Thoth and became the Egyptian religion.

Section: The Creation.
Extract: The 7th Command.

"Let us make man after own fashion, and let us endow him with powers to rule this earth."
"Then the Creator of all things throughout the Universe created man, and placed within his body a living -imperishable-spirit. And man became like the Creator in intellectual powers."
One word was exceedingly hard to determine in this translation: the name of that which was put into the body of man making him a special creation. Soul or Spirit was the nearest modern words that we could find applicable. The words living and imperishable are unquestionably correct, but-what does the phrase "after our own fashion" actually mean? Certainly not "in our own image" for in the following tablets we find it distinctly stated: "The Creator is incomprehensible to man. Being incomprehensible, He can neither be pictured or named. He is the Nameless."
If man is in the image of God as the Bible states, man naturally would be a picture of God: but, as the Sacred Inspired Writings from which the Biblical legend was taken say that God cannot be pictured, it clearly shows that Ezra, when writing the Bible from Moses' records, used the wrong word in his translations.
It is clear however that man was a special Creation receiving special powers from the Creator, to enable him-man-to rule the earth. It is these powers which we will consider this evening.
From various legends handed down to us, and experiences of our own during our own time, it has been definitely shown that when man has learned how to use and control the Cosmic Forces which have been given to him, he is not only capable of controlling and governing elementary matter, but the forces coming from the earth also.

The special powers of man are shown in the use of his Cosmic Forces, which Forces emanate from his inner Self.
All Forces are carried in waves. These waves in turn are formed by vibrations; therefore all Forces are vibratory.
Man's cosmic Forces are carried in waves formed in the essence in which our atmosphere floats-a substance so thin and elusive that it cannot be analyzed by any of our known chemical methods.
Our scientists call this essence ether. They also call that which fills space ether. They are however, totally different substances. The earth's Central Magnet controls the essence in which our atmosphere floats, but it has no control over that which fills space.
This great error had its origin in the deciphering of two symbols in the Sacred Inspired Writings, and the error has been carried down for over 3000 years.

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